Eat to Save the Planet
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Having begun her career as a chef, Annie Bell has been a full-time cookery writer and author for more than ten years. She is the author of a number of books including A Feast of Flavours, Living and Eating, In My Kitchen as well as Evergreen, which was shortlisted for the Andre Simon and Glenfiddich Awards. She is a regular contributor to You magazine and Country Living. Married, with two sons, she divides her time between London and Normandy.


An easy, accessible recipe book following an evidence-based approach to eating to support the planet.


'The best possible cookbook you could buy for 2021 and beyond.' - The Bookseller

Simple, tempting, eco-friendly recipes that support the environment and don't make you feel like you're missing out.

If the way we eat globally continues, the world is at risk of failing to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. From extreme weather patterns to wild fires raging in Australia, it's little wonder that more of us than ever are worried about the environmental impact of our food decisions.

Enter award-winning recipe writer for Mail on Sunday's YOU magazine and registered nutritionist, Annie Bell. The easy, family-friendly recipes in Eat to Save the Planet follow recommendations from the Lancet-EAT commissioned Planetary Health Diet, written by an international group of scientists. This flexitarian reference diet is so simple, easily accessible and tempting that you will hardly believe you're helping to save the planet as you eat.

The mainstays of the Planetary Health Diet are plant-based foods, but while these ingredients are central to its recommendations, the diet doesn't go as far as being vegetarian or vegan. So recipes in the book include modest quantities of seafood and poultry, with a small amount of red meat being optional - making this new approach to eating achievable and realistic for everyone.

Whether it's Spinach, Nut and Goat's Cheese Pie, Aubergine Stuffed with Lamb and Buckwheat, or Speedy Cauliflower, Lentil and Watercress Risotto, these comforting, filling and delicious dishes will quickly become the day-to-day favourites in your kitchen.


The best possible cookbook you could buy for 2021 and beyond. The Bookseller
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Erscheinungsdatum 2020-12-29


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"Eat to Save the Planet"

Eat to Save the Planet

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Having begun her career as a chef, Annie Bell has been a full-time cookery writer and author for more than ten years.

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